We look forward to you bringing your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to Umbria and entertain the with pur beautiful children’s activities.

They will enjoy making friends with the many animals living in this region.

• Animal Encounters. Giggling goats, dignified deer, sheep that sometimes look a bit sheepish, clamorous cows, porky pigs, and our very VERY sweet cats, we have plenty of cute animals wanting to be fed and petted. What are you waiting for? Bring your kids and see them enjoy the circus our four legged furry friends create when it is feeding time! They grunt, snore, bleat, play, run, jump, roll and pull hilarious faces, an immensely entertaining experience!

• Pizza Party! We will prepare pizza dough and each child will be able to make their own pizza with delicious fresh ingredients to make their pizza just the way they like it! This will give them the true experience of Italy, which is known for the best pizza in the world! Just unforgettable for kids & adults

• Exploring TodiCastle and the Orlando Tower- Run up our crazy staircases and the outdoors walkway, which is really high up on one of the thick castle walls, and they will lead you the way to our tower impressive tower! This authentic medieval structure offers a spectacular view of the countryside and the castle itself and will make your kids feel like real Harry Potters for a while! Let the feast begin for your and your family !

• Artistic Experience in Todi. Just a short drive from your villa, TodiCastle also offers visits to the studios of contemporary artists located in Todi. These studio visits can be followed by great hands on activities such as drawing, coloring and making sculptures. In addition some studios located in Deruta (35 minutes away) offer ceramic workshops or painting Majolica’s which they can take home as a very special souvenir from Italy!

• Cheese Farm. A member of our staff will show you and your family how different types of cheeses are made such as for example ricotta and mozzarella. A picnic lunch follows where you and your children will enjoy the fresh and delicious dairy products together with other traditional Umbrian food. These activities are held in our neighbouring farm, where many animals live. At the farm, you can also buy eggs and milk.

• Truffle Hunting. Specially trained, very small but immensely clever dogs with outstanding noses will lead you through our natural Umbrian forests while they are on their way to find the well hidden and much sought after truffles. Once these smart furry fellows have shown us where exactly the “black gold” is hiding in the ground the honor will be all yours to dig it up and secure the treasure for a truffle based dinner that you will remember!

• Chocolate Factory Tour. Make your children feel like they are a part of the “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” story at the Perugine chocolate factory located approximately 45 minutes away. Here you will see chocolate waterfalls and mountain upon mountain of delicious chocolate.

• Food Festivals. Throughout the summer, there are many food festivals in Umbria to suit every appetite. Contact us to find out what festivals are offered during your stay!

• Activo Park. This environmentally friendly amusement parks offer rafting, hiking, tubing and donkey rides. Children can also take part in go karts, rollerblading and mountain biking trails to increase their fun levels to unequaled heights!

We will be happy to organize children’s activities geared to their age requirements.

These activities will be full of fun and adventure!