Children, grandparents, other family members, maybe even your dog or horse, a family holiday is all about being together, spending time and enjoying activities! We have developed many activities for children, and made our facilities super friendly to them.

Feeding goats, deer, and pigs, learning about their habits and nature, meeting horses and enjoying a ride on a carriage, all in the clean and fresh air of the Umbrian hills.

How about taking them to a cheese factory where they will understand that real food does not actually “grow” on the shelves of you super market, while they will probably not mind a little bite of the produce as well.
Or maybe a truffle hunt, where they will meet the smart and small dogs that will lead the search and dig up those big black truffles for you to take to… your cooking class! With the clever use of honest ingredients and traditional ways of cooking your will experience the real taste or real food.

For the parents there will be plenty to do too, wine tastings and tours of wineries, visiting the local olive oil mill is fascinating and will enlighten the nutritional value of organic olive oil, which is full of anti-oxidants and other great elements.